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In today’s digital world data is the single most valuable resource. With proper data management, your company can unlock its full potential! It will let you make well-informed business decisions, optimize your operations and reduce costs, improve marketing campaigns, and increase the profit.  Our team can help you with it! We have been providing cost-effective and efficient data management services to all sized companies for more than 15 years. We will find the most suitable data specialists for your business to handle your valuable data and make it readily accessible for your company.  

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Data Entry

Your business might have data coming from many sources and in various formats. To ensure the reliability and accessibility of it, you need to transfer and store data in a usable format. Data entry is a process of transcribing information and data in the desired format. We offer data entry services to the companies that need to process huge amount of data, have a high seasonal volume, or have data entry tasks that are crucial for daily operations.


We will recruit the data specialists that will use the latest technologies and precision to ensure the correctness and quality of your data. We will ensure that your data Is free from errors or duplicates and is up to date. It is organized and classified based on characters and properties. As a result, your data will be modified and converted into a format that is accessible and readily available for your business.


ERP Data entry

CRM Data entry

Bookkeeping data entry

E-commerce data entry


Data Mapping

With data, change is consistent. Companies constantly need to move data from one system to another. It cannot be done without data mapping. It is a process that ensures that your data is moved from one system to another, without errors and lost information. Data integration, migration, synchronization, warehouse automation and other data management processes need data mapping. Quality data mapping is key to your data management success and accuracy of your information.


We offer outsourcing data mapping services to companies that need data migration from one system to another as a one-time event or a data integration that involves reoccurring transfers from source to destination fields. We provide data mapping services for data transformation and warehousing to ensure that data gets to its destination the way it was intended. Our team will carefully define and prepare your data for moving from one system to another so that you will not lose one bit of your information during the process!


Data Processing

In a day you can collect the sea of valuable data, however, you will not be able to understand it, without processing it first. Data should be readable and understandable by all your employees, not only data scientists. Data processing is managing collected, raw data and processing it into graphs, written documents and other more readable formats. It turns raw data into formats that can be interpreted by computers and utilized by employees in your company.


Our data processing services include all the necessary steps to turn your raw data into readable information you can use for making business decisions confidently. Our data services include pulling data from the data lakes and warehouses, preparing it by removing incorrect, outdated, or duplicated data. Inputting data into the destination and processing it for interpretation. Interpreting your data and finally, processing it into the format that can be easily understandable and ready to serve its purpose.  


Data Analysis & Reporting

Data analysis is a process of analyzing your raw data and providing valuable insights into it. Based on data analysis you will be able to get the most objective measurement of your success. You will be able to see how successful your product is, how your marketing campaign is performing, what are your best-selling services and more!


By outsourcing data analysis service to us, you will be able to gather all the information that will support your decision making. Our data analysis process starts by defining your needs and indicating the measurements you need for decision making. We will collect data from internal and external services. Once the data is ready, we deep dive into the process of data analysis to answer the questions and provide a thorough analysis of your business. Whatever question you might have, data holds all the answers and you can get it with data analysis.


Data Auditing

Data auditing will help you tackle major business issues, starting from data quality and customer data accuracy to data protection. As today all business decisions are based on data, your company must be confident in it. By outsourcing data auditing to us, you will be able to pinpoint weaklings of your data and address them on time.


We conduct thorough auditing of your data to assess the utility and quality of it for a specific purpose. We will ensure that your database and the way you save, and store data is in compliance with data protection acts and protocols. But that’s not all. Timely data analysis will help detect changes and breaches in user behavior on time. You will be able to analyze and address accidental or intentional changes in your customer purchasing habits. You will be able to monitor and analyze the database of your users and have a quick response to the changes.



Data Scraping

Do you want to achieve all your goals in your business and be successful? You cannot do it without collecting data in today’s competitive business environment. To understand your customers’ insights better and react to them effectively, you need to collect as much data from different sources, as possible. It will help you uncover hidden opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.


Our data scraping services are ideal for businesses of every size, that realizes the importance of collecting data. If there is data on the internet that can benefit your business or organization, we will help you acquire it! We use the most advanced tools for web or screen scraping to collect data that will help you gain a detailed view of your business insights and uncover your hidden opportunities on the market. Outsourcing data scraping services to Flat Rock will allow your company to stay agile and versatile today when planning for tomorrow.


Data moderation

Today your company needs to ensure that the visual or written content that is associated with your business is legal and appropriate. And nobody else Is using it without your authorization. Outsourcing data moderation is a way to ensure it! With it, you will be able to moderate data on your website, forums, blogs, databases and more. You will ensure that your users have a good experience and your brand rights are protected.


Our data moderation services will let you track the unauthorized usage of your original content across the internet and let you take the relevant measures. We will monitor, track, control, regulate and correct every type of data across the internet that is associated with your brand. Our experts will ensure the quality of internet search, matching and documentation of unauthorized use of your data. We will help you moderate your data and improve your users experience on every touchpoint.

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