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Last update: 15/02/2017

What are the benefits of outsourcing with us?


  • You can outsource your non-core activities and focus on your core business processes.
  • Flat Rock Outsourcing (as part of Flat Rock Technology) is ISO 9001 certified. We guarantee quality through sticking to a proven procedure regardless of the size and complexity of the project, applying it to all fields of expertise within the company.
  • You can experience increased efficiency and output in the non-core business processes.
  • You will save on investing in the latest software, technologies, and infrastructure.
  • Outsourcing with us will help you save on time, efforts, manpower, and training costs.
  • Your company will save on team management as we will manage your human resources.
  • You will benefit from major cost-cutting measures because we will help you reduce your operational costs by 50% or more. Your can rationalise and optimise your business operations.
  • Outsourcing with us will reduce the risks for your business.
How long does it take to put outsourcing in place?


Usually, it takes two to three weeks to scope your needs, complete the proposal, and identify the time required to start your project. In most cases, we have the resources necessary to start a project right after accepting the offer.

What is the duration of a contract?


Our services are flexible, and each contract is based on the client's specific needs. Normally, Flat Rock Outsourcing (as part of Flat Rock Technology) engages in projects longer than six months.

What qualifications do your employees hold?


All our employees are highly educated, fully trained, and handpicked especially for your project. We can provide their profiles and project references on demand.

Is there a language barrier in communication?


The language skills of our specialists are excellent. Over 90% of the Bulgarian population aged between 19 and 34 can speak at least one foreign language. Nearly 40% speak two foreign languages, and more than 20% speak three.

How can I be sure of my data security?


As a member of the European Union, Bulgaria is subject to the same data protection laws that are valid for the other EU members. Each of our employees signs a "terms of employment" document, pledging to maintain confidentiality with respect to customer data.

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