• Polina Georgieva
  • 26 April 2021
  • 3 min read
Data management Case study
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The ongoing pandemic has created a massive surge in online shopping as customer behaviour shifted from offline shopping to online. This, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, has resulted in “two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months”, and as a result; E-commerce websites have seen a tremendous spike in traffic and sales. An already data-heavy e-commerce retail industry got even heavier. Websites have to manage an increasing volume of data to ensure that content is 100% correct to deliver the best customer experience, a critical driver for loyalty and repeat business.


Challenge of a large volume data management

One of the largest e-commerce companies that carries thousands of fashion brands across the globe approached Flat Rock Outsourcing with the need for upscaling its data management capabilities. Like many other online businesses, the growth in sales volume has led to a corresponding growth in Supplier Data Management, with a need for managing an increasing volume of content uploads onto their website from Brands and Merchants.

The data management challenges included approving and validating content, managing images to be consistent with their layout and image guidelines, ensuring text is complete and presented as per their template. And finally, that all aspects fully comply with their content guidelines. To manage the explosive growth, the client needed an outsourcing partner that would be able to scale to meet their growth expectations whilst matching their strict data validation and management criteria.


A dedicated team of data operators

Flat Rock Outsourcing carefully analysed the data profile and requirements and initially assigned four data operators who underwent training from day one and started working for the client almost immediately. Data operators validate and enrich data for multiple channels, ensuring that the final articles meet the specifications and requirements of the client. As the programme grew, by covering different shifts, our dedicated team of data operators managed to meet the ever-growing content volumes provided by the client and its vendors.

The crucial requirement was for the team to meet the growing volume, yet keep the quality high. Through smart recruiting, the right management model, and exceptional systems and tools, Flat Rock Outsourcing was able to provide a high-quality Business Outsourcing Service.


Handling an increasing volume of data

In the first week of operation, the team of data operators were checking, validating and enriching a few hundred content pieces per week. As the team was successful in handling the initial volume, the number of articles was increased 50 x over just a few months.

Every company has its own approach to data management based on its industry, operations and the format of data the business is dealing with. The dedicated team we have formed for our clients manages to quickly grasp the way the clients approach handling data management and adopt the best practices. As a result of our work and customer satisfaction, we continue to increase the team size to accommodate client growth and continue to provide our services seven days a week.


The importance of data management in e-commerce

The process of continuous data management is crucial for delivering a good online customer experience, especially today when the e-commerce business is on the rise and will most likely continue to be for many years to come. Flat Rock Outsourcing offers outsourcing services in data management, allowing rapid deployment and cost savings. Contact us to learn more about our ability to hire the right people to scale up your business.

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